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When you picture pressure washing services, you probably think about high-powered pressure washers, pushing dirt away from your home and walkways, water running into the road. And in the past, this would have been an accurate picture. But not anymore.

At Praxis Exterior Wash, we set out to perfect a soft washing system that is guaranteed to last longer, prevent damage to your home, and be safer for the environment. We are happy to say that we have created this system.

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Our soft washing methods are proven to be more effective, affordable, and environmentally safe than traditional high-powered pressure washing. That is because our team of expert technicians begin by assessing your home needs, and then they apply a special blend of cleaning detergents that are designed specifically to eliminate and destroy that harmful bacteria, dirt, and grime that plague your home exterior.

Our cleaning products get to the root of the problem, killing growths before they have a chance to damage your home, and extracting the dirt and stains from your home and walkways. By the end of each cleaning project, our team needs only to apply a gentle rinse to your home, saving water, avoiding the potential dangers of high-powered hoses, and keeping your property safe and healthy.

Soft Washing in Mohnton, PA

With no more pressure than a garden hose, we will clean your house more effectively than any high-powered pressure washer.

As your trusted source for soft washing services in Mohnton and Berks County, we understand what it takes to keep homes and businesses looking good in our community. We are dedicated to helping our clients keep their properties clean and healthy, and we will not stop working for you until the job is done to your satisfaction. This is our 100% service guarantee.

If you want to keep your home look great for years to come, schedule the pressure washing service that actively protects your home. Call Praxis Exterior Wash to learn more about our soft wash services and to receive a free estimate.

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